Fielded Components and Integration Services

The systems below have been fielded in Helios Aerosystems ISR structures. They have been proven robust and durable in high-tempo commercial GIS operations or military combat deployments.


Power Distribution unit

The Smart Power Distribution Unit (PDU) provides conditioned 28Vdc MIL-STD-704 power at up to 6000W with individual output control, voltage/current monitoring and recording, touchscreen display, and network connectivity for remote control capabilities. The PDU comes in a standard 19” rack mount enclosure, air transport rack (ATR), or a customized enclosure to meet any mounting requirements.


Viewpoint 21.5" Quad-mode monitor

We've installed this monitor on five aircraft so far. It's rugged, bright, and 1920 X 1080 resolution. It mounts well in the baseline console and has survived multiple combat deployments.


I-Master Control unit (for thales i-master radar)

The I-MASTER™ Control Unit (I-MCU) is a ruggedized, turn-key solution for integrating the Thales I-MASTER™ radar onto manned aircraft platforms. The I-MCU provides all system interconnects and circuitry required for successful radar operation, including:

• Conditioned and redundant 28 Vdc power (radar and INS)
• Control and data signal breakout (radar and INS)
• Radar safety interlocks
• Safety interlock override for ground testing

Designed to accommodate all I-MASTER™ configurations, the I-MCU
streamlines and simplifies the radar integration process and provides
a ruggedized design for operating in all environments.


systems integration, testing, and software DEVELOPMENT

For assistance in integrating any mission system, or development of custom electronics or software, we recommend Special Operations Solutions.