Helios Stackable Rack System (HSR)

  • 14U and 6U Modules available (or custom)

  • Integral, machined handles

  • Approx 24 lbs per module

  • Fwd-facing, or side-facing capable

  • Stackable up to 2 units tall, in any order

  • Replaceable, COTS-interchangeable server rails


Core Mission RAck (CMR)

  • 14U capacity

  • Expandable via seat tracks on top

    (shown with mission pallet installed at left)

  • Flip up handles

  • Damper provisions for floor-mounted LRUs

  • Variable-width seat track attachments

Large Mission Rack.JPG

Large Mission RAck (LMR)

  • 24U tall

  • Seat track sections for accessory mount or lifting shackles

  • Fore/aft facing only

  • Integral handles

  • Non-removable rails

image (1).png

vertical mission rack (vmr)

  • Wall-hugger design, provides 7U vertically mounted

    (does not protrude into King Air aisle)

  • Integral, machined handles

  • Customizable footprint for various aircraft mount

  • Seat tracks on top for expansion (consoles, radio pallets, etc.)