Gen2 Operator Console - International LiDAR Mapping Forum

Helios will be at the International LiDAR Mapping Forum, in Denver, next week. We’ll have a prototype of our second-generation mission console on display.

Below is a picture of the prototype, and the YouTube link explains some of the unique features. The setup pictured below will fit in a King Air, and can accommodate a wide range of monitor options. The stacked configuration pictured is 2, 21.5” monitors.


Helios Stackable Rack System - First Delivery

The first delivery of the Helios Stackable Rack System occurred in late November, 2018. This system consists of 6U and 14U modules that can stack 2-high in any order. The system can be longitudinal or transverse-mounted, and can fit in many aircraft types.

Pictured below is a stack of (2) 14U modules being test fit in the aft cargo area of a DeHavilland Dash 8. Each 14U module, in this configuration, can be loaded with 200 lbs. of payload. Both modules are weight-optimized, have integral carrying handles, and replaceable mounting rails.


The picture below shows a 14U+6U stack, mounted in a King Air 200. This configuration uses the top 6U module to house pullout monitors and other operator-facing equipment.


24U Racks Delivered

This week we delivered four, 24-U racks for use in an R&D program on a DC-3. Because of the large cabin size, we were able to design a single rack module that is quite a bit deeper and taller than our usual base rack unit.

This variant of the rack implements many of the same features: note the seat track segments in each corner to be used with lifting shackles or equipment mounting, integral handles, and the modular floor plate. We also have a flip-down keyboard tray design for when and if the requirement arises. This design may prove to be a good back-of-the-aircraft, standard electronics rack, to be used in conjunction with a cabin-mounted operator rack.


Pelican Case Fit Check

We received our first Pelican Case for fit-check on the rack module. The fit accommodates approximately 2 inches for padding around all sides of the rack and can be used to ship either empty or populated racks.

Cases can be ordered in a variety of colors and features, and are approximately 4-week lead (though we will stock a few). The case pictured below is a Model AL2825-1612AC/HL in Gray.


Dual Rack Config Delivery - F406/Cessna 404

The first side-by-side configuration has been delivered to a GIS firm supporting a US Army Corps of Engineers project. These racks will be populated with Optech and Leica Bathymetric LiDAR mapping equipment, and will operate in a Riems F406 over US coastlines, mapping silt deposits.

Note the addition of the tabbed cutouts on the shear walls. These will be used to route cooling tubing (and possibly fans) to specific areas requiring more airflow. 


First Operational Deployment

Helios Operator Rack, Unit 1 completed flight testing in July and is currently the first unit deployed in support of a US DoD multi-mission aircraft. The configuration is pictured below, and houses a Viewpoint 21.5" quad mode monitor along with a smaller auxiliary monitor for continuous view of multiple feeds.

The unit accommodates a full-size keyboard and mouse in the folding keyboard tray. For easy access, the comms package is mounted to a sandwich-panel shelf on top of the rack (behind the console).


First GIS Operator

The first two racks for a commercial GIS operator are currently in fabrication. The installation will go in a Reims F406, and will consist of two racks in side-by-side arrangement at the far aft end of the cabin. The racks will house LRUs associated with a bathymetric sensor (Optech CZMIL), and several other systems.

Installation is scheduled for early October, with photos to follow.